Compagnia di Punto

For time immemorial, flutes, horns and strings have conveyed what words cannot express. As an ensemble, tranverse flute, natural horn and strings cover the entire orchestral range – an orchestra en miniature. Compagnia di Punto presents this unique timbre in various instrumentations from quintet to chamber orchestra.

The musicians’ individual histories began in Asia, in America and in Europe; in megacities, between coal dumps, in cultural centres and in the endless expanses of forests and oceans. The foundation of their common history was laid in Cologne’s Early Music circles: in leading positions of outstanding ensembles, each of them has built up an international reputation as an artist and teacher. Today they are active as soloists, chamber musicians, conductors, university teachers or lecturers at various European and overseas academies.

Compagnia di Punto's fundamental concern is to reveal the timeless qualities of Early Music in this day and age. According to the ensemble’s understanding, every concert program tells a story. So as to fathom these stories in their full depth and all their ramifications, the musicians trace back the music to its archaic roots and place it into new and often surprising contexts, in some cases also reflecting it in the light of contemporary compositions. Compagnia di Punto thus develops new narrative concert formats of dramaturgical design, breaking up formal barriers and linking music to literature and drama.