Between Dungeon & Crown
Compagnia di Punto: not just highly gifted musicians and great masters at their instruments, but equally soulful narrators of musical background stories.

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Compagnia di Punto brings together top musicians of the Early Music scene...

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The Herzogenaurach audience listened - first puzzled, then laughing, and then there was enthusiastic applause for the exceptional program as well as for the excellent musicians.

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Geraubte Küsse, gestohlene Herzen
An unassuming yet powerful stage presence characterizes Raffaela Milanesi's highly dramatic and colorful interpretation. Compagnia di Punto's excellent play is a synthesis of perfected grace and full but not exuberant sound of high transparency.

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Conclusion at the end of the four-day festival: Outstanding were the opening concert with Compagnia di Punto and Raffaela Milanesi.

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